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Specialized Performance & Physique Nutrition

  • Fuels working muscles for up to 7 hours from a single serving
  • Kickstarts and enhances workout recovery
  • Supports lean muscle and strength gains
  • Used as a meal replacement, supports fat loss while preserving lean muscle
  • Patent pending formula reflects innovation in nutritional science


Fueling optimal performance and a lean, muscular physique requires targeted, specialized nutrition. SYNERGY-XP™ (patent pending) is more than simply a protein powder, it's precisely formulated nutrition designed to dramatically tip the scale of protein balance in favor of lean muscle, accelerating strength and performance gains. It is quite literally the ideal fitness-food.

SynergyXP superior protein blend reflects a new approach in protein supplementation. It embodies our philosophy of simple but intelligent, precisely formulated blends that deliver the synergies found in certain nutritional combinations.

For serious athletes, some of the unique benefits of SynergyXP are as follows:

Muscle Growth and Performance Gains: SynergyXP uses the ideal ratio of the most effective proteins to maximize your muscle growth and athletic performance gains from strenuous resistance training.

Faster Recovery from Training: SynergyXP contains a high concentration of bromelain, a pineapple derivative containing powerful digestive enzymes for enhanced protein absorption, maximizing the uptake of amino acids used to build muscle and recover from your workouts.* Bromelain also exerts potent anti-inflammatory effects on soft and connective tissues, promoting joint health and muscle recovery.*

All-Natural Formula: SynergyXP has a clean, all-natural formula using only pure protein isolates and containing no artificial additives.

SynergyXP also mixes easily and tastes great, producing a creamy and delicious, naturally-flavored shake. 

Directions: For 25 g of protein, combine one level scoop with 8 oz. of cold water.  For 50 g of protein, combine two level scoops with 16 oz. of cold water.  Mix thoroughly in a blender or shaker bottle.  (For a thicker shake, use less water [or substitute with milk], add 2-4 ice cubes and mix in a blender.) 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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